Cancer Biology Pathway

2016-2017 Academic Year

Date Speaker Title
Jan 10, 2017
11:30 AM
Holden Auditorium
Kickoff Luncheon Overview, Posters, and Presentations
Jan 17, 2017 David DeNardo, PhD Tumor Microenvironment: Mediator of Disease Progression and Resistance
Jan 24, 2017 Grant Challen, PhD Epigenetics in Cancer Pathogenesis
Jan 31, 2017 Joshua Rubin, MD, PhD Sexual Dimorphism in Cancer Pathogenesis
Feb 7, 2017 Laura Schuettpelz, MD, PhD Toll Signaling in Normal and Pathological Hematopoiesis
Feb 14, 2017 Chris Sturgeon, PhD iPSC Models for the Study of Development and Cancer
Feb 21, 2017 Todd Druley, MD, PhD Germline Variants and Cancer
Feb 28, 2017 Karen Gauvain, MD Novel Interventions for Management of Brain Tumors
Mar 7, 2017 Jason Mills, MD, PhD Pathogenesis of Gastric Metaplasia and Cancer
Mar 14, 2017 Spring Break - No Class
Mar 21, 2017 Jeff Bednarski, MD, PhD DNA Repair and Oncogenesis
Mar 28, 2017 Jeff Magee, MD, PhD Leukemogenesis
Apr 4, 2017 Brian van Tine, MD, PhD Novel Approaches to Sarcoma Therapy
Apr 11, 2017 Gavin Dunn, MD, PhD Modeling GBM
May 16, 2017
Holden Auditorium
Omar Abdel-Wahab, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Understanding and Targeting Spliceosomal Gene Mutations in Cancer